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We at under the Blue sky, White cloud and shinny sun..

Every day morning when I'm look up to the sky, I saw birds flying around feel so freedom. Birds can see all around the world, Take and example from eagle I like the way it's fly, it fly so high and flying around the mountain. They meet so many animals at the jungle and everybody was afraid of it.               Blue sky and white cloud just make me so sweet on it. Those cloud is state with all the memories, and blue sky state for movie board. Every time when i saw the sky on top of me I was thinking could i make a wings and fly all around the sky and not just standing on the earth for dancing any things. Been a human we so many trouble we meet in real life, argue, relationship, scary case, any more and more things that happen in the life~
               Some times you should think that lying down on the field look up to the sky feel the wind, listen to the birds singing in the tree and breath through your noose to your whole body and feel the sky~ What a romantic scene.. 

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